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Afro-Brazilian groove with
soulful Middle Eastern roots,
Saravá is a fresh acoustic act with a defining presence from the streets of Tel Aviv.
Led by guitarist Dudi Shaul,
whose songs on the Spanish guitar explore the musical pathways between
Africa, Brazil, and the Middle East.
Together with Hybrid-drummer Ben Ben Franklin and bassist Omri Porat, the trio’s sound, is mesmerizing and honestly unique.
Saravá, which means ‘the force of nature’, but also contains within it the blues of the desert and an uncompromising celebration of life, is rising on a global scale.

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Saravá - Canto De Ossanha (Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes Cover)

Saravá - Canto De Ossanha (Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes Cover)

With their deep Afro-Brazilian groove and soulful middle eastern roots, Saravá has stepped up to be an original act with a defining presence of fresh acoustic sounds from the streets of Tel Aviv. Subscribe now for more original music: Follow Saravá: Follow SpeakThru: Facebook: Instagram:​ YouTube:​ Label: Spotify: Abulafia Gathering #4 ----------------------------------- This song was inspired by Afro-Brazilian religions Candomblé and Umbanda -- creeds that were persecuted by the Christian majority and, therefore, practiced underground for most of the 20th century (it is not uncommon for evangelical extremists to persecute these religions to this day. A couple of years ago a girl was stoned for wearing one of the religion's garments on the street and temples where they are practiced are often vandalized). Vinicius de Moraes, a white poet, diplomat, and composer from an affluent upbringing, converted to Candomblé late in life and helped spread the deeply philosophical and spiritual content of the songs created by former slaves." - Thank you Marcelo Zorzanelli for this knowledge. This was our final gathering at Pluto Studios and though it's tough to say goodbye, we're great-full for every moment! 😇 Huge love and admiration for everyone who took part in the project, each gathering was a unique journey of people and sounds, thank you! We'll see you soon at upcoming gatherings and shows around the 🌎! 🎉🎉🎉 'Till then, here're Sarava, An Afro samba group from the Middle East covering Canto De Ossanha by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes. 💃 Music: ----------- Guitar - Dudi Shaul - Guitar Double bass - Daniel Harlev Drums - Ben Ben Franklin Vocals - Feu marinho, Meytal Rahmin, Lala Tamar, Yuli Shafriri Production: ------------------ Recording: Yishay, Ziv Zaguri, Roee Berezowitz Mix: Noam Levinberg Production: omer Zussman Production Assistant: Roi Haim, Asaf Bar Yossef Photography: Yarden Zahav Art: itamar raz, Mey-tal tooti rahmin Studio: Pluto Studios
Saravá - Candomblé | Live at SNR studios