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Daniel Harlev is an international upright bass player and composer.

In search for his personal sense of freedom he found a very deep connection to jazz music and composition,


inspired by the African and Psychedelic music genres and the works of Coltrane, Mingus bach and many more.



Daniel has a diverse range of activity, he takes part in a variety of different groups, ranging from Jazz and Afro samba, to Hip hop and  electronica.

Among them:

- Ron minis
- Saravá
- Orit Tashoma
- Stav Achai
- Feu Marinho
- Rea bar-ness
- Dialgo
- Abulafia session
- The Dunes
And many more..


On 2020 he founded the label
Speak Thru.

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Harlev Quintet - Ayanaw .jpg

״It is a work of amazing quality that is condensed with the cutting edge of..״
Haruki Tambo | Musica Terra (japan)